Established at The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in April 1991, The Asia Circle is a gentleman’s fine dining club, where members meet in the form of a relaxed, intellectual, entertaining and educational gathering committed to the club’s motto: To Edify and Enjoy.

The Asia Circle Hong Kong originally met in Black Tie, as did the Singapore chapter, however, a less formal approach was preferred, so a suit and tie is now standard, although in Bali, a collard light colored shirt, long trousers and closed shoes have become the norm. For sure, the Bali chapter is the most relaxed, yet decorum and the Club’s rules and traditions are practiced and maintained.

The Founders originated from South Africa, Holland, England, Japan and The United States, becoming universal after the second meeting. Introduced members are Bali residents, expected to stay more than two years, who are of an interesting and confident nature, gentlemen to the core and of a pleasant disposition.

The logo design showcases the Club’s establishment in Hong Kong, but its intention is world inclusive.

There is reciprocal membership to the Hong Kong, Singapore and London chapters. Note that a chapter’s dress observance is expected.

Future chapters are likely to be created as passionate Asia Circle members move to other countries.